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ICBB: Canadian Rock Theatre – S/T

CRTLion Records  1972


The jacket photo, for starters.  There’s about twenty six people too many on stage. So many, in fact, the photo continues onto the back.  But the stage cannot gravitize the group – they’re everywhere else, too. Tomorrow’s Children crowd in from all angles.  It’s all here:  vests without shirts, Boho sundresses and so many people singing and playing in closed eye euphoria you’d be disappointed trying to rent a microphone stand from Moose Jaw to Goose Bay when Canadian Rock Theatre is on tour.  Somewhere in here, also, is Victor Garber.  He was in Titanic.

Though there’s a ‘Jesus’ here and a ‘Salvation’ there (lots o’ JCS and Godspell covers), the song selection and general momentum is spiritual and it’s easy to feel The Joy.  There are enough vocal change-ups, horn blows and soul choiring involved to make you leap to your feet even if they aren’t housed in sandals.  One particular instance of rapture occurs at the end of side one as “Changing Day To Day” colorforms  into a godless attack of fuzz guitar ferocity and secular enthusiasm.

We’ll never know what the result of NOT including every man, woman and child in a hundred mile radius possessing a musical impulse to play on this would have been but, in that theoretical project’s absence, enjoy the CRT.  It may not save your soul but it will save you from a boring night once in a while.